VITTRA!         Born:030819   Regnr:S53834/2003


Eyechecked clear 070804
Vittra is a tough little dog, which you can understand since she had a rottweiler as a "mother". She is a very definite siberian husky girl which obeys when ther´s candy around or when she feels like it.
We had already decided that we wanted another dog, but to wait until we got a house.
In the summer of 2003 when we decided for a house we thought at once " now we can get another dog". Kenneth definitly wanted a Siberian Husky since they are so beautiful. But of course it was me who had to read books,watch movies, call around to different breeders and get all the facts about it.

The question was, would we be able to handle such a energic kind of dog?
We decided to go up to Lorendale´s breeder to get a view of how a Siberian Husky behaves.

We weren´t looking for a puppy quite yet, since we weren´t moving until December,but after a long visit to the breeder we were sold. We took vacation and then Vittra came with me to my work until we got everything on place in the house.
The name Vittra comes from the scary "birds" vildvittrorna in the swedish story about Ronja Rövardotter. The name really fits her.
Vittra´s favourite accupation is to run really fast in the garden and she loves to kiss everybody she meets. She´s also a very feminin dog which you can very easily see, she always eats very slow and really enjoys the food, she lays with her front paws crossed and she sits like a queen on one of our agility thing.

She is going very good in the races aswell!
She is ne of our best leaderdog but she have some more to learn aswell.
She haved been competed in some races and its have been going really good for us.
You can se some of this under the site races.
One of the race was
and we maked all 3 days :)