MAKE ME HAPPY OF WOLFPOINT    BORN: 060225 Regnr:S65501/2006

 Eyechecked 070804 OK

 Happy is imported from Romania from Wolf Point Kennel.
 We toked her to Sweden 061110 in the same time as World Dog Show 2006 in Poznan in
 I was visiting Wolf Point Kennel in July 2006 and it was a wonderful trip.
 Happy was even better then i had believed, very energitic and beautiful.
 Thank You "Gusti"(Augustin Ionescu) of Wolf Point Kennel, for this wonderful girl.
 And Thank You handler Marotti Gabor in Ungary for all helped with handling Happy for a month.
Happy love to run but she isn´t the fastest of our dogs.
100_7808 Happy & Robin Foto Helena Inkinen
Foto: Ayoe Hansen , Handler:Jouni Heinämäki