AFRODITE        Born: 050221      Regnr:S24279/2005


Eyechecked and goniscoped clear 071204
Eyechecked clear 061115

 We call her "Dite" and she is one of my first offsprings, she is after Noomi.
She was the first puppy that came out at 1 pm the 21th of februari in 2005.
Dite is a very social girl who love to race.
She is our best leaderdog but she have some more to learn.
She haved been competed in some races and its have been going really good for us.
You can se some of this under the site races.
One of the race was
and we maked all 3 days :)


Classes Jane & Dite done:

Puppy class in Veberöd:Summer of 2005

Junior Class at Lund´s dog youthclub:Fall 2005

Freestyle Class in Landskrona: Spring 2006

Agility Class for beginners: Started 060405